Funny Jokes, Problems While Sharing and The Best Solutions

Funny jokes make our life good. Life is good when we keep on laughing. Our laughter ensures another’s laughter. It is very infectious kind of thing. It breaks the silence and helps everyone to express. People get closure while having fun and laughter. There is an element of sense of humor in everyone. Some people feel shy in expressing and some do not realize it. Just think for a while and ask to yourself that why do we do lots of work and efforts? The answer is to make ourselves and our families happy and satisfied. So why not to share some funny jokes to make everyone smiling. Laughter is inevitable for everybody. It keeps us healthy.

Each one of us wants to have fun and enjoyment but there are some barriers which stop us. So here I would like to share those problems with best solution.

Problem #1: You may feel that you are not capable of making others laugh. The fear of rejection is there. You think that if you crack a joke and no one laugh than you will get insulted.

Solution: Yes, you are right but it doesn’t mean that you are not capable of making others laugh. The thing you should do, is practice. Take care of your body language and notes on your voice. Try to share pranks with your family first. They will not react like others. When you feel that you are able to make people laugh than go ahead. First share some funny things with less friends than start gossiping in group. It is as simple as that.

Problem #2: No one listens to me. Whenever I start sharing something, my friends get bored. Sometimes they laugh on me.

Solution: You feel that people are not interested in listening you. Sometimes we do not know what to share with whom. Your selection of right audience matters a lot. People are not interested in listening you because you do not share what they want to listen. For example, You can not share adult jokes at home and religious jokes at college. So please think about people’s interest and present yourself in that way. Try to match your skills with their interest and you will gain their trust.

Problem #3: Whenever I try to share fun material, I feel that lines might have been shared by someone else. So it stops me.

Solution: Yes, People don’t like repeated pranks but always remember there is way to share the things. You often see your favorite movie again and again, why? It is simply because you like the way stars have acted. It really matters how you express. Many people share repeated funny stuff but that result laughter. So be confident, go ahead and spread fun wherever you go. Try to grab fresh one liner jokes from different sources.

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